I'm not in the greatest shape right now, can I still do crossfit?

Every CrossFit movement has the ability to be scaled to match your current ability level. Strength and conditioning will increase dramatically as you progress from any fitness level. There is absolutely no minimum fitness requirement to start CrossFit, so please don’t use that excuse with us!

I heard that crossfit is dangerous

There is a certain amount of danger in any exercise, sport or activity.  There is also risk in inactivity.  What we promise to all of our athletes at CFW is quality coaching through three sequential phases of performance:

FIRST… Proper mechanics – performing each movement mechanically sound

SECOND… Mechanical consistency – multiple repetitions with safe efficient technique

THIRD… Intensity – performing the work at a fast pace

Our varying, seemingly random workouts will help the body avoid overuse injuries that are often seen in sport.  Our goal is to provide results in an atmosphere built to reduce the risk of injury.

What can I expect in a typical CrossFit class?

Typical CrossFit classes are one hour long and include a warm-up, strength/skill piece, a WOD (Workout of the Day), and a cool down and stretch. Each class will have a certified trainer to explain the movements, offer scaling options, and ensure they are being carried out safely.

will crossfit make you "bulky?"

This is a common question from new members. This concern typically comes from what we like to call “CrossFit Games Syndrome”. Or, the perception people get from seeing professional CrossFit athletes on TV.

The truth is… Yes, CrossFit can make you strong and some may see that as “bulky”.  But you have to work extremely hard to get there both with your diet, and time in the gym.

The “average” CrossFitter will get stronger, healthier, fitter, and look like the best version of themselves naked. Your appearance is a direct side effect of your performance.  Your appearance when fit is almost entirely a function of your genetics.

How do I get started?

Step 1- Come to a free intro class to learn more about our program and ask any questions you have.

Step 2- Sign up for On-Ramp. On-Ramp is designed to teach you the fundamental movements and exercises that will be needed to safely perform our workouts. Completion of on-ramps is required before attending a CrossFit WOD.

Step 3- Choose the membership option that is right for you.