Group Coaching

CrossFit Waterbury’s group coaching program is thoughtfully designed following the functional training movements, and fitness methodologies utilized in CrossFit. Our program is by design broad, general and inclusive. Developed with the knowledge, and understanding that our athletes are not one and the same, and that needs and abilities of one, are commonly drastically different from another. Our group coaching program will benefit all types of people, in all different professions, with very different fitness goals. This is possible because the fitness needs of your grandmother, and the fitness needs of a US Ski Team member vary in degree, not in kind. Therefore, our group workouts are always built to be universally scalable and perfect for any committed individual regardless of experience or ability.

Because our program focuses so heavily on proper movement and mechanics, there are 3 “levels” of our daily workout (WOD). All 3 levels are part of our base program, and many days’ workouts in all levels may be identical. The progression through the first 2 levels is not based on an athlete’s physical abilities or strength, rather, the mechanical competency and mobility of the athlete. The third level is programmed for our competitive CrossFitters, and will demand much more time and dedication from the athlete (see descriptions below).

There are countless benefits to our group coaching program, such as a supportive community, and supportive coaching for a fraction of the cost you would pay a personal trainer, however, all the benefits can only be realized if they are experienced, so come give our free Intro Class a try!


This program is designed for members who are just starting in regular classes. It is also great for those who come in only a few days a week because of hectic life schedules, or because they supplement their fitness with in other forms. This program be challenging, however, will often have no designated weight, nor high skill movements.


This program is designed for those who are looking to push their boundaries and attain measurable increases in fitness. This is for those training for a different sport, the sport of CrossFit, or out of pure competitive determination. This is designed as a 5 day a week program.


This program is designed for the serious athlete that want to compete in CrossFit. It will be much like Sport, with a greater demand on skill and strength, as well as an athlete’s commitment and lifestyle.