monica talbot ogelby

 It is so important as life gets full to create time for yourself, feel strong, make friends, and know that despite everything else going on, that one hour at the gym is going to make your day exponentially better. I recognize how hard it can be to prioritize your own health and well-being, and so my objective will be to make sure that you leave CFW happier than when you arrived. If you need an accountability buddy, talk to me. I'm here to make sure you get stronger today and come back tomorrow.

I've been doing CrossFit since 2011 and can say with the utmost confidence, I'm significantly stronger and fitter than I ever was playing collegiate level sports or trying any other variety of programs or classes. CrossFit provides us with the opportunity to be constantly improving while also finding new ways to challenge and stretch ourselves. What you think is impossible as a new member (double-unders, pull-ups, 20 inch box jumps), you will do proficiently in a year and move on to faster, taller, and heavier challenges. If you're passionate about biking, skiing, or something else - CrossFit is going to make you such a stronger athlete. And if you're like me and never found that outlet of fitness that kept you engaged and satisfied, this is it.

By day, I'm a pediatric nurse practitioner. My other prestigious titles include partner to Matthew Ogelby (fellow member) and co-parental unit to The Turds: George and Greta. When I'm not at work or the gym, you can find me eating snacks in hiding from my children. My passion for Missy Elliot and Beyonce runs deep, as you'll quickly learn during my classes. And if I don't make you laugh while you're in my class, I owe you a burpee.