Robyn Fulton - Owner

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about sports and fitness. I grew up chasing my older brother in all athletic pursuits and usually coming up just short each time. As a result, I have lived my life in an effort to better myself and my abilities… [More..]


Charlie norway - head coach

Since I was a kid, I’ve almost always been a part of a team sport. After I left college, I soon found myself looking to fill the void in my life that sports had once occupied…[More..]


jimmy hoepker - coach

Prior to CrossFit I was a Division 1 Swimmer at Manhattan College.  I have been doing CrossFit since the end of 2012, and have been coaching CrossFit in a part time capacity since late 2013.  In addition to my CFL1, I have a CrossFit Weightlifting certification, I have completed the CrossFit Scaling Online Course, and have attended multiple Olympic Lifting Seminars.  CrossFit has changed my life dramatically.  From a fitness and health perspective and from a personal perspective as well.  I met my wife, fellow coach Julie Hoepker, at CrossFit.  I love imparting the knowledge that I have learned over the years to athletes, both new and experienced.



It is so important as life gets full to create time for yourself, feel strong, make friends, and know that despite everything else going on, that one hour at the gym is going to make your day exponentially better. I recognize how hard it can be to prioritize your own health and well-being, and so my objective will be to make sure that you leave CFW happier than when you arrived. If you need an accountability buddy, talk to me. I'm here to make sure you get stronger today and come back tomorrow. [More..]

Laura Coach Pic.jpg

Laura Kaufman - Coach

As a multi-sport athlete through high school and college, fitness has always been a huge part of me. I graduated college with a BA in Biology with a focus on athletic training and nutrition, but it took me a long time to figure out where to go from there...[More..]


Jeremy Lesniak - Coach

I grew up participating in both team and individual sports, everything from soccer to track to martial arts. I loved participating and pushing myself to be better, but outside of martial arts, I never found anything that fit my personality...[More..]