What We Offer

CrossFit Waterbury offers a variety of class and individualized options to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


Group Coaching

There are countless benefits to our group coaching program, such as a supportive community, and supportive coaching for a fraction of the cost you would pay a personal trainer.


Boot Camp

These classes are a cardio based workout open to all! BootCamp is a fun, non-competitive, welcoming class. The class meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 8:15am and Sunday at 8am. No CrossFit experience necessary!


Barbell Club

Weightlifting (Olympic and Power lifting) movements are both highly technical and highly utilized in CrossFit to develop explosiveness, strength, and coordination. 

Personal Training

At CrossFit Waterbury we recognize that group classes are not for everyone. Our CrossFit program is designed to meet the needs of everyone from the general fitness enthusiast, to top sporting athletes.  Our personal training offers the ability to get individualized coaching and programming to meet more specific needs. These needs may include:

  • Working with an existing or long-term injury, or severe health limitations

  • The preference for an individualized environment

  • Increasing strength

  • Increasing mobility

  • Improving technique on specific movements

  • Preparing for a specific sport, or sporting event

Our personal training program includes more than just a one-on-one coaching experience. We will provide you with all the tools and guidance to realize and meet your specific personal goals.

Our personal training is also perfect for individuals looking to become more competitive in the sport of CrossFit.  We will build specific individualized programming to develop weaknesses and optimize strengths, to help you become a more proficient and well-rounded CrossFit Competitor.

Nutrition Coaching

You can’t out-train a bad diet! The proper diet is the baseline for all of your goals both physically and mentally. At CrossFit Waterbury we encourage people to avoid sugar, alcohol, refined carbs, and to limit how much dairy we take in. BUT, everyone is different and has different goals!

What we offer can be as simple as sitting down for one session to talk about current eating habits, and corrections that can be made to obtain general dieting goals. We can also develop individualized 6+ week programs to get you on the right track to achieving more specific fitness goals. This can be fore general health or sport specific weight loss, weight gain, fat loss, or muscle gain.


  • Unlimited membership- $155/month (Credit Card) $150 ACH

  • 3x/week membership- $135/month (Credit Card) $130 ACH

  • 10 class punch card- $160 (valid for 3 months)

All memberships auto-renew unless given a cancellation notice by member

bootcamp membership options

  • Unlimited- $130/month

  • 3x/week- $109/month

  • 10 class punch card- $130 (valid for 3 months)

All memberships auto-renew unless given a cancellation notice by member

drop-in policy

Visiting CrossFitters are welcome at any of our scheduled classes. Our drop-in policy is $20 for the first visit and $5 for any return visit within the same week. Email robyn@crossfitwaterbury.com with any questions.